ExplainMedia's 3D Refinery

ExplainMedia's 3D Refinery is a series of educational demonstration units ranging from simple modules explaining several types of valves, to more comprehensive modules in which the 3D model is linked to a simulator.

User interface of the Cylindrical Furnace Module

The user interface of the 3D Refinery software is easy to use. Students will be able to use most modules without any instructions. If needed, an online user manual is available explaining every detail of each module.

For the more complicated modules, classroom activities are included.

The system requirements are modest: A Windows operating system (Windows 7 or higher), 4 Gb RAM and a couple of gigabytes of free diskspace will do. The software does not require high end graphics cards or other specialized hardware.

The 3D Refinery can be run in a virtual machine on Mac OS X or Linux.

Our list of 3D Refinery modules is steadily growing. New modules will be announced on this website.